Cost of Education in Newzealand

The particular tuition fees differs from the others for different educational institutions and varies together with courses. We have listed a couple of courses with the approximate array of annual tuition charges. For more certain details, please make contact with the universities.

Each year around 100,000 international students decide to study in Newzealand at Colleges, High Schools, Main Schools, Training Schools, Polytechnics and British Language Schools.

Living Expenses

The approximate annual living expenses are about NZ $ 7,000, which includes accommodation as well as other daily expenses. However, the expenses are different for different people depending on the lifestyles and this is just a rough idea.
The below costs are average, annual tuition fees.

1 Arts / Humanities / Social Sciences NZ $ 10,000 - $ 12,000  per year  
2. Commerce / Administration / Management NZ $ 10,000 - $ 12,500  per year
3. Computing & Mathematical Sciences   NZ $ 13,000 - $ 15,000 per year
4. Engineering NZ $ 16,000 - $ 17,500  per year
5. Science / Science Technology NZ $ 14,000 - $ 16,000 per year
6. Technology NZ $ 14,000 - $ 18,000  per year

Postgraduate Courses

1. Arts / Humanities / Social Sciences NZ $ 14,000 - $ 16,000  per year  
2. Master of Business Administration NZ $ 18,000 - $ 24,000  per year
3. Engineering NZ $ 18,000 - $ 24,500  per year

New Zealand's safe, "clean-green" reputation, mixed with its low cost of living and globally recognised education system makes it the final choice for international students.

You will find other costs associated with college in sydney or New Zealand that you simply would not ordinarily have in a home university or college. Prominent in this category may be the student visa. The student visa enables you to legally study within the foreign country, and could also allow other privileges for example working in the actual host country and use of health care, however this varies through country. Student visas are more affordable for New Zealand compared to Australia, with the Kiwi visa obtainable from zero to $170 US dollars, and the Australian visa which range from $450 to $515. The good thing is that with students visa in Sydney or New Zealand, you're allowed to build up to twenty hours each week during the academic year and may even work full-time during breaks in between semesters, to assist defray costs.

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